North Idaho hot tub sales discounted used refurbished rebuilt with warranty
Refurbished Spas and Hot Tubs with a One Year Warranty
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CDA Spas has been refurbishing and selling hot tubs for over a decade.

Unlike any of our competitors, we are the only spa company to offer a one year warranty on all tubs that we sell.

Call to see the tubs we currently have on hand.

Save Money

The amount of markup on new hot tubs is big, just like vehicles. You’ll save thousands on a rebuilt and refurbished hot tub, with the peace of mind that a one year warranty brings.


With a year long warranty on parts and labor, you can rest easy knowing that your refurbished hot tub is ready to provide you with the healing and relaxation you need.


We rebuild hot tubs from the shell up and even offer a warranty. Ask us about what rebuilds we currently have available and save big money from new model industry markup.

Refurbished Spas

with a year long warranty

We take modern shells and rebuild them in our workshop. All refurbished spas come standard with:

  • New Spa Cover
  • New Electronic Control Pack
  • New Main Pump
  • New Circulation Pump

The following hot tub components are replaced and refurbished as needed:

  • Outer Cabinet, Rebuilt or Refinished
  • Jets
  • Plumbing
  • Lighting
  • Pillows

Call or Text Sales to see what Refurbished Hot Tub inventory we have on hand or ready to be rebuilt.


When you purchase refurbished spas.